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Double belts of High Speed automatic sausage packaging lines

Equipment Fetures:

* High Speed process up to 600pcs/min.

* Large payload of Delta Robot by 7kg.

* Japanese Panasonic Servo Motors.

* Smaller design than other famous brand.

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Automatic Sausage Packaging Machine with Delta Robot

sausage vacuum packaging machine

1. Grilled sausage specifications:

Size: φ26mm; Length: 120mm;

2. Packing method of grilled sausage: (according to sample):

A: φ26 specification: 2 layers up and down, 10 pieces/bag

3. Speed and output:

A. Top speed: about 600 pieces/minute;

B. Number of packaging bags: 600/10=60 bags/minute

C. Hourly output: 60 bags x 0.5 kg x 60 minutes = 1.8 tons/h

sausage vacuum packaging machine

1. Mold arrangement:

Example for one mold with 4 bags (the specific mold size is subject to the customer's stretch film machine)

2.  Plan layout: (Figure 1) Subject to the actual size of the equipment:11889*4039*2700

sausage vacuum packaging machine

6. Components of vacuum packaging line of automatic feeding film stretcher:

Automatic hoist: 1 set;

Disc V-belt sorting equipment: 1 set;

Manipulator grabbing and discharging equipment: 1 set;

Robot automatic feeder FLS500 + stretch film packaging machine workflow

sausage vacuum packaging machine

sausage vacuum packaging machine

Equipment performance characteristics:


1. The stretch film vacuum packaging machine automated production line is currently the only equipment on the market that can solve the automation of customer sausage packaging; it is customized according to customer product specifications and bagging requirements, which effectively reduces labor and labor intensity for customers. While improving production efficiency, it also greatly ensures production hygiene and reduces direct contact between people and products;

2. The equipment is mainly composed of 2 parts: ATFLS500 robot automatic feeder, AKLS stretch film vacuum packaging machine;

2.1. Automatic sorting disc machine: The main function is to arrange the messy sausages sent from the front end into a row and transport them to the next part;

2.2. Automatic alignment V-belt machine: connect the sausages sorted out at the front end, and convey the sausages through the three-segment V-shaped design belt, and each section of the conveyor belt is controlled by PLC, using electric eye detection to control the running speed of each section of the belt, so as to achieve the sausage conveying Continuity and stability; At the same time, there is a screening section in this part, which is used to remove too long, too short, and connected sausages to ensure that the sausages entering the packaging area are qualified products;

2.3. Spider-hand robot: After sorting the sausage inside the host by grabbing and placing, the robot grabs and places the sausage in the designated area according to product specifications;

2.4. Stretch film vacuum packaging machine: this part is the main machine of the whole line, which consists of upper and lower film placement, film forming, upper and lower film sealing, coding system, cross cutting system, slitting system, scrap collection system, power system, finished product output, etc