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ShenZhen TROY Intelligent Trading Ltd.

TROY CAS Consultant Service(Guang Dong)Co., Ltd.

ADD: 209, Building R, Shang Xia Wei Second Industrial Technology Industrial Park, Ditang Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District,Shenzhen,China. 

TROY Vietnam Consultant & Network Tech Co., Ltd.  

Office ADD: No.40 Lot C7. Area C, Geleximco urban area, Le trong tan Road, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Cooperation Manufacturer in Ha Noi: PMTT Group.

Office/Factory:  Lot CN2, Phu Nghia IP, Chuong My, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Factory:  Lot 185/1-2, Nai Bai- An Thuong- Hoai Duc- Ha Noi, Vietnam.

TROY HQ was founded in ShenZhen on 2017, Troy is focused on helping China High-Tech companies to cooperate with the factory for assisting export products to Worldwide. At the same time, we have many years of experience in cross-border services in Vietnam. Vietnamese employees to serve local enterprise customers, needs and know what they want. We also solve the supply chain problems of well-known global companies in China.


1. Just be in your mind that we are representing manufacturer directly !

                                                                                  manufacturer directly !

                                                                                  manufacturer directly !

2. We have professional service engineer team to do technical support !

3. Visiting and Training customer locally!

4. Large Automation production line with Turn Key service for oversea manufacturers!

5. Our price is lower than Alibaba !!! 

TROY VN company ( Digital Microscope Manufacturer was founded in 2009 in Nan Shan District, Shenzhen, China) is a high-tech company dedicated to the field of industrial video images, integrating R&D, design, production and sales.

TROY VN company focuses on serving the visual inspection industry. The image technology solutions owned by the company are all derived from its own intellectual property rights. It has a number of patents and has been at the leading level in the industry for many years.
TROY VN has a group of professional video and image development talents, and has been committed to the research and development of video and image products. After years of accumulation, we have a number of patented technologies and software copyrights. Especially in the fields of image visual detection, image analysis and processing, image identification, etc., it has made great progress.
At present, the company has launched the SMARTGO intelligent visual inspection camera based on the LINUX platform. The hardware is built with FPGA+ARM, and the software is developed with C++. SMARTGO camera integrates nearly a hundred kinds of visual detection, measurement, positioning and recognition algorithms. Users only need to make simple settings to complete a detection project. Make the implementation of visual inspection projects easier and faster.
TROY VN pursues professionalism, technological innovation, constant pursuit of technological development, and the use of technology to create real value. At present, TROY VN has the industry-leading innovation ability, can dig deep into customer needs, and continue to launch high-tech products with various unique functions and technical content. After years of hard work, the company's products have been widely used in industrial inspection, microscope imaging, machine vision, biomedicine, teaching and other fields, with customers all over the country, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. Partners include Sony, Panasonic, Foxconn, Flextronics, Pegatron, Lianzhan Technology, Huaqin Technology, Great Wall Technology, Enoch and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.
TROY VN company is willing to cooperate with partners to innovate continuously, develop hand in hand, and strive to create value. Our tenet: take innovation as driving force, quality as life, and serve global customers.

TROY CAS Scope of services:

Vietnam local company registration, Vietnam human resources services, Vietnam local lawyer consulting, Vietnam finance and tax consulting, Vietnam accounting, Vietnam comprehensive business (including Vietnam local sales department / marketing department management operation), foreign investor in Vietnam Services, and provide cooperation in related fields.

TROY is a practitioner of the core values of “creating higher value for customers and establishing a brand model for the industry”, adhering to the service of “global operation, international standards, committed to the satisfaction and success of each customer” The purpose is to pragmatically expand the value map for the international development of Chinese enterprises.

TROY has a knowledgeable and elite team to provide clients with professional guidance and technical support for local project incubation in Worldwide.

TROY --- will always be your trusted partner!

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