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TROY Oversea Recruitment(Outside of China Mainland)

ShenZhen Troy Intelligent Trading a cross-border e-commerce wholesale company; it has its own core technology of B2B, B2C independent website and ERP system, and has dozens of super multinational group companies in the world. For large sellers on Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Wish, Lazada and other third-party platforms.
The company develops and sells complete CNC Controller, Industrial Robot, Collaborative Robot, Automation equipment, Commercial Robot, Face mask machine and Heavy Motorcycles etc. It has many own brands, patents and various quality certifications; the products are mainly sold to European, Asia and American countries.
The company has many key partners of ADTECH, LBD, ELITE,MOYING,RUICHI and YP etc. it has a professional delivery parters and inspection process, and the delivery speed and product quality are guaranteed; the company headquarters Located in Shenzhen, Sub-Branch in HaNoi Vietnam.

The company upholds the code of conduct of "Unity, Cooperation, Accuracy, and Speed", and each of us can fully reflect our own value. In our young team, as long as you have the ability, you can stand out! There are no rules, no red tape, as long as you have the ability, as long as you have entrepreneurial passion, we sincerely welcome you to join in!

Due to the continuous development of the company's business, we are now recruiting the following positions:

1.Local Platform sales: on Amazon, Wish, Lazada, Jumia,Zalo, Linio and other cross-border e-commerce platforms:
B2B sales: company independent station business, release products, reply to inquiries, follow up orders, promote various platforms, mainly B2B
Business, account management
Copywriting, product publication
Customer service
Operation promotion
Platform picture optimizer, shop decoration designer
Product research and product manager
Main work content:
1. Familiar with the company's products (the product library has more than 100,000 SKUs, and the graphic information is very complete)
2. It is very convenient to publish products to various platforms, some platforms are automatically imported by the system, and the other new platforms are imported by files.
3. Communicate with the account manager to participate in platform activities, maintain the account, and promote the rapid growth of the account
4. Follow up the order and ship it quickly
5. Deal with customer reviews, disputes and account issues
1. College degree or above. English level 4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing; proficient in computer office software.
2. Familiar with foreign trade process; more than 1 year foreign trade sales experience is preferred
3. Ability to respond to customer inquiries proficiently and timely, and independently develop customers through other online platforms; familiar with Alibaba, Google, Facebook, celebrities and other platforms is preferred
4. Strong sense of service, strong team spirit and good communication, negotiation and execution skills

Number of recruits: Unlimited
Work location: Outside of China Mainland.
Wage level: Commission based 6-10%(could be more) each order which you bring to TROY ! 

When you are ready please do Post your CV to us !

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