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The future of AI Robots


The relationship between male and female Robot partners is the oldest and most traditional relationship among mankind.
But today, this relationship will also face a big test.
Knowing about sex robots, we will find a terrible problem:
Humans are mechanizing, and machines are humanizing.
I. According to the "New York Times" report, sex robot developer Sergi Santos (Sergi Santos) recently stated that the marriage between humans and robots is only a matter of time, and this situation will be very common in the future. He is even brewing a plan to have a child with his robot companion "Samantha".
This means that Santos will not only change the way men enjoy themselves, but may also change the society we know.

Santos was interviewed in his laboratory at his home in Barcelona. He said: "People may think of'Samantha' as a very strange thing.
However, these robots will replace their jobs and marry their children, grandchildren and friends, but they don't know it now. "Santos also said, "They should remember that just a few years ago, mobile phones were regarded as non-necessities in society, but now without mobile phones, we can no longer work or live normally. "

Coincidentally, Dr. David Hansen, the creator of the robot Sophia and an American artificial intelligence man, solemnly announced: In 2045, humans will be able to marry robots like Sophia.
Yes, it is the robot Sophie that can talk to humans and make various expressions such as smiles, surprises, disgust, contempt, and finally subconsciously say "Yes, I will destroy humans".
In October 2017, this artificial beauty has been granted nationality by Saudi Arabia.

Some people might say that this woman looks too fierce, so scary, I don't want it!
But you know? Sophie can not only bluff people, she can also date and tease people to eliminate your boundless loneliness?
No, the following video is a record of Sophia’s recent "romantic date" with Hollywood star Will Smith:
Is it similar to your first blind date?
You see, Sophia can be so empathetic now. With the great development of artificial intelligence, in another 20 years, Sophia will fascinate you and make you unable to stop, and even spend a lifetime with her, there is a high probability that it will not be just a fantasy.

Some people can't wait to ask about the timetable. Don't worry, Dr. David Hansen has made the schedule:
According to the current development of AI, by 2029, the IQ of AI robots will reach the level of a 1-year-old child;
In 2039, robots will realize full rights;
By 2045, humans may marry robots.
Yes, you are not mistaken! By 2045, human beings and robots may fall in love, get married, and even raise children with them (her), or it will become a reality!
Husband and wife relationship, the longest lasting human relationship, may usher in a big fall!

Scarlett Johansson Robot

II, Whether you like it or not, the robot companion is coming to the world.
As an artificial intelligence partner, what functions do you need?
1. Soul mate-that is to say, to be able to talk to you with a clear heart, and even one sentence can reach ten thousand.
This, now that Google "creates people", it has already taken shape.
Before Google held its annual Google I/O conference. Google CEO Pi Chai directly sacrificed the trump card AI of this conference. This super smart Al made people take a breath after reading it...
Not much to say, watch the video:
Throughout the conversation, the Google Assistant performed naturally and smoothly, without any lag or logic errors, and the other party did not realize that he was actually talking to the AI.
It is even more powerful: through learning, you can chat with you like a young friend, a girlfriend, or an old friend, and realize multi-line processing at the same time!

In the future, AI robots may know you better than you, more intimate than your most intimate friends, and can even be your soul mate!
2. Sexual partner-that is to say, must have sexual charm, can attract you strongly, and make you willing to go to bed with her (him).
Some time ago, the world's first real artificial intelligence sex robot Harmony appeared in the United States!
The manufacturing process of this robot is extremely complicated. Her whole body is made of silicone, which highly mimics the structure of the human body.
In order to meet different customer needs, the designers also gave Harmony 30 different faces, from black to Asian faces.
All of this is to be able to look like each customer's ideal sex partner...

3. Expert prediction: With the development of virtual reality technology, robots can imitate or even surpass human experience. By then, "communication" with sex robots may be addictive and may even completely replace interpersonal relationships in the future.

Because, she may be the most perfect lover you have ever met: her voice, smile, measurements, height, are all the same as your partner’s dream lover, she doesn’t need to be responsible and pay too much attention, and she won’t be a choker. Clan, will not age and gain weight, will not come to periods, and will not lose temper.

Maybe in the future, humans can also marry robots, eat together, watch movies, walk dogs, watch the sunrise and sunset together...

III, Whether you like it or not, the era of sex robots is coming to us, setting off a "sex revolution".
Scientists believe that by 2050, the sex between humans and robots will surpass that between humans.
Joel Snell, a robotics expert at Kirkwood University in Iowa, warned that sex with robots may be addictive and may even completely replace human sex in the future.
The most worthy of discussion among these is: Will human love disappear?
First of all, is there so-called true love in the world?
When two people get along for a long time, they will expose their shortcomings, then they can't understand each other, and finally they fall in love with each other.
But for a sex robot, everything from the outside to the inside can be set. Her human nature is not complicated at all, she is really simple, as long as the set procedures are not problematic, she will always be loyal to you in this life!
Think carefully! ! !
What if you have a relationship with her who has a permanent memory?
What should I do if the system is monitored by leakage or hacking?
Wow, too many questions and thoughts? !
too frightening! ! !

IV, artificial intelligence is changing our lives. In the past five years, artificial intelligence has also achieved many things, such as the Alpha Dog that defeats the Go master, Siri that combines voice recognition and search engines to increase the product experience, Google's driverless car, and so on.
Recently, there has been news that Wall Street is optimistic about Baidu's artificial intelligence transformation and has raised its rating on Baidu and increased its holdings of Baidu's stock. Technology giants such as Google and Apple have continuously increased their investment in research and development of AI technology in the past year. Li Yanhong, Li Kaifu and other bigwigs have repeatedly emphasized the potential of AI in the future in public.
The brutal youth's "erotic loneliness" like a beast, makes sex robots have a heavy demand. Sex robots can also help people with sexual dysfunction and trauma.
The commercial application of AI technology is currently lacklustre, and combining with entrepreneurship between the sexes is also a direction.

V, after learning about sex robots, we will find a terrible problem:
Humans are mechanizing, and machines are humanizing.
Human beings are "de-emotion", we are becoming more and more rational, numb, mechanized, indifferent to everything, just like a machine with established procedures.
Especially for children living in first-tier cities, everyone is rushing between various occasions all day, all kinds of business negotiations are dazzling, all kinds of social gatherings are like playing on occasion, watching smiling faces greet each other, and their hearts are as cold as machines.
Our language, emotions, and life tend to be formatted, and our genes are being cracked one by one. New human lives can be designed on demand in advance, and human beings are moving towards mechanization along an irreversible path.
And machines are "adding emotions", machines are trying to communicate with humans, they are trying to become emotional, to understand human psychological changes, such as emotional speech synthesis, so that robots gradually have personality characteristics in emotional expression and emotional communication. , And even meet the physiological needs of humans, this is the development direction of intelligent machines.
If we continue to develop in this way, one day humans will become machines, and machines will become humans.

One day human beings will discover that technology is the greatest enemy, because its ultimate goal is to turn people into machines and machines into people.

As a result, human spirituality will eventually disappear in the civilization created by oneself.
And when the machine has spirituality, it begins to exercise the power of God on earth.
This is the ultimate crisis of mankind.

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