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New infrastructure accelerates office changes, service robots empower smart parks

In recent years, vigorously promoting "new infrastructure" is becoming an important focus of economic development. Among them, urban construction has made important contributions to the development of the domestic economy. Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that China's urbanization rate in 2019 has reached 60% , The GDP of the top 100 cities accounted for more than 70% of the national GDP. As the basic unit of the city, the park is the most important population and industrial cluster. The new generation of information and communication technology is used to monitor, analyze, and integrate the resources of the key links of the park. In the process of resource integration, the construction of the smart park gradually exposes the labor force. High cost, high proportion of repetitive labor, heavy work of management staff, and high turnover rate are problems that plague the development of the park.

People’s requirements for park management and smart services have increased. Service robots featuring “efficient and intelligent” have become the first choice for upgrading the park’s office methods. While effectively improving work efficiency, they also save park management costs. Selecting a service robot in the robot market that is truly suitable for the development of smart parks is the key to the smart upgrade of park offices.

Independent research and development & core drive: new-style problem solving, park office smarter

As a centralized place that integrates industry incubation and industry transformation and upgrading, the smart park has an endless stream of foreign visitors in addition to the office staff in the park. The complexity of the flow of people means that the park is for service robots to navigate indoors and welcome guests. The requirements are even higher. In Israel, which is famous for its technological innovation, temi service robot, which takes the lead in the world with its indoor navigation technology, brings surprising performance to the park office with its top navigation system and human-computer interaction capabilities.

Relying on the self-developed ROBOX navigation core system and the corresponding cooperation of 360-degree lidar and SLAM algorithms, the temi robot has functions such as autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, and intelligent route planning, so that the robot can even face complex indoor traffic. Accurately construct map routes to bring users a customized experience. At the same time, whether it is video conferencing, business reception or administrative services, temi robots can perform personalized reception guidance, concierge services, remote customer service, video calls, etc. through advance settings or real-time reception of users’ voice or touch screen instructions Service; Even when the domestic epidemic is alleviated, temperature measurement and disinfection is still one of the important tasks that cannot be ignored. The disinfection and sterilization function of the temi robot brings effective health protection to the park staff during the current "epidemic office" period.

Development & Management: Intelligent Office Management Humanization

The development of smart parks not only reflects the main urban system model and development characteristics, but also has unique characteristics different from the urban development model. In the face of new industrial forms, smart parks need to take more into account the growth environment required by new industries and the services that the park office should provide, which obviously tests the intelligence and functional modules of robots. Most of the service robots on the market can only be applied to a specific field. For parks with diversified work performance, such robots obviously cannot fit the "mobility" of the park, but in this respect they have more advantages. Its management platform With functions such as guided tour, welcome reception, and face recognition, users can customize services according to different scenarios.

Taking the daily reception of the park as an example, the administrator can set the robot's location, content playback, welcome page, etc. through the management platform, so that the robot can receive according to the settings when welcoming guests; at the same time, the setting of contact groups is more effective Help the park to perform face recognition and improve the management of people entering and leaving the park. Of course, in addition to the above functions, the background also has functions such as map management, brand customization, and remote inspection.

The more user-friendly side is reflected in the technical support provided to partners, using an open Android platform, and providing developers with a rich SDK interface. Distributors can customize and upload operating plans according to actual scenarios. In the store, users only need to purchase the program according to their needs, and the operation is simple and fast.

In the forum of "5G + New Infrastructure, Co-creating "Wisdom and Wisdom" New Park", it was said that all cities except roads are parks. It can be seen that the park economy has become the main bearing platform and growth driver of the domestic economy. As a microcosm of smart cities, the planning and construction of smart parks can accumulate important experience for the construction of smart cities. Under the guidance of new infrastructure, service robots are at the next frontier of park management reforms. Whether it is core technology, back-end management or technology development, robots use their "intelligence" to empower smart parks and help new park office changes. . Now in the hot investment promotion all over the country, we will gather friends with sincerity and go to the smart upsurge of office upgrade in the park.

In order to let everyone further experience the new upgrade brought by service robots to smart office, it will be unveiled at the China International Smart Office and Advanced Conference System Exhibition from December 8th to 10th. We sincerely invite everyone to gather in the robot experience area at the exhibition site to experience New technology, understand new technology.

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