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The beauty robot is here again, compare the world's first sex beauty robot who is more beautiful


As early as January 9, 2010, at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, the "Real Companion" headquartered in New Jersey launched the world's first beauty sex robot Roxie. The first feeling that robots give people is the application in industry, and then think about it probably think of household robots and battlefield robots that do housework. However, just as love is the eternal theme of mankind, the robotics industry is also infinitely approaching this aspect with each passing day. From the bewitching appearance and lifelike beauty robot, to the robot companion that can communicate with people, and now the sex robots launched in the United States can conduct "unrestricted" private conversations with people, the sexual elements of robots Is becoming more and more plump. But so far, the focus has been on female robots, and male robots are still a long way off...

Inventory of beauty sex robots launched around the world:

  Roxy: The world's first sex robot
   This robot is made of human simulation, and its skin is close to that of a real person, and it has five different personalities.
One thing that no man can bear is that you are watching a Manchester United game intently, but your wife or girlfriend next to you is chattering and asking you to accompany her to go shopping... You may regret the original choice, if you Choose her: Roxxxy (Roxxxy)-robot girlfriend, all the problems will be solved, because she can watch the game with you and chat with you about your favorite "Red Devils". This is not a movie, but a fact. On January 9th, at the Adult Entertainment Show in Las Vegas, the "Real Mate" headquartered in New Jersey launched the world's first sex robot Roxy.

In addition to all the functions of an inflatable doll, the robot can also send e-mails to the owner, update its own programs online, automatically expand vocabulary, and even chat with others. Roxy’s inventor, Haynes, is an artificial intelligence engineer at Bell Labs. According to him, this robot is a life-size design. The prototype is an art student. It is 170 cm tall, weighs 54 kg, and has a C cup. Has a real-life skin and artificial intelligence operating system...
Hines said: "She can do anything for you except cleaning the room and cooking. I think you understand what I mean. She is a very good partner, has personality and can listen to your heart patiently. Can talk to you. She can feel your touch, and will go to sleep when the time comes. We are trying our best to replicate the characteristics of a real person on her. If you are a fan, so good, she can totally be with you Discuss the performance of Manchester United, rather than pestering you to do other things, and she can tolerate your dissatisfaction and complaints about the game without any complaints."
   But, unfortunately, even though Roxy has flexible joints, she cannot walk or move her limbs alone. In addition, Roxy can't speak with her mouth. Her voice comes from the speakers in the body. The vocabulary during the conversation is recorded in advance, but the built-in intelligent software can freely combine sentences as needed.
Hines revealed that his design was inspired by 9.11, "I have a friend who was killed in the attack. I swear to design a software to store the personality of the friend. This is the basis of Roxy." After research, the three were combined. The expertise of a total of 18 national artists and engineers cost nearly one million US dollars and took two and a half years to complete.
   However, Roxy is not the first sex robot launched by the company. The company's website says that research on sex robots has taken two to thirty years. Prior to 1993, Hines designed the sex robot Trudy, but even Hines himself said that compared with Roxy, the Trudy sex robot is not user-friendly, and the traces of a rigid machine are still very obvious.
   Currently, Roxy has accepted reservations, which can be tailored according to personal preference. Customers can choose from five models: brutal, cold, naive, mature and exciting. In addition, customers should also fill in their own interests and hobbies to have more topics. "She knows what you like, and if you like Porsche, she also likes Porsche. If you like football, she can talk about football with you," Hines said.
   Roxy is expensive, with an average price of US$7,000, and the most expensive one is about US$9,000. It is currently only available in Europe and the United States, and will be available globally in the future. Hines also revealed that the company is studying the robot boyfriend Rocky (Rocky), "he will be just as great!"
   "Real Companion" robot has dozens of hairstyles to choose from.
  The Japanese who are good at manufacturing are working on creating a new species-"robots". They can imitate people's looks and voices, and they can have IQ and even emotions similar to humans. Well-made robots are gradually moving from factories to homes, and from laboratories to daily life, acting as tools, partners, and even lovers. In the common life with humans, they are not only robotic arms, they assemble auto parts on busy assembly lines; they are also not just invulnerable steel warriors who go deep into the most dangerous front-line positions. They can also do all kinds of housework and smile. I am asking you: "Are you happy today?"

In March last year, Japanese scientists showed a mechanical black-haired beauty, she can not only talk, walk with rich expressions, but also catwalk on the stage. It is reported that this beautiful-looking humanoid robot is called "HRP-4C". Its body is equipped with 30 engines that can help it walk and move its arms. The 8 engines on the face give it expressions of anger and surprise.

   During the demonstration, HRP-4C performed walking, blinking and talking. It said "Hello everyone!" in a female voice. The weight of the HRP-4C is only 42 kilograms, which is comparable to the model of "zero figure". However, developers are skeptical about whether HRP-4C can become a qualified model. The HRP-4C in the demo always looks surprised. When the demonstrator asked it to smile or be angry, it only opened its mouth and eyes and showed a surprised expression on its face.

Developers say that the huge challenge facing the robot development process is to make "feminine" small parts. The HRP-4C is about 1.57 meters high and is very similar in design to ordinary Japanese women. Although it is wearing clothes in the picture on the left, it looks like a space suit. HRP-4C has clear safety standards and can perform catwalks with human models.

Miss Kido
   Age: Come out in 2008
   looks like a mixed race
   winks mischievously
   is a "cylinder" girl
  Kido Robot appeared in Guangzhou at the end of last year, and its charming eyes are the most attractive.
   Binocular Discharge and Fallen Man
   At the end of last year, at the Robot Expo in Dongfang Baotai Plaza, Guangzhou, whether it was a beauty robot or a robotic gorilla, the highly simulated shapes and actions were breathtaking. The most attractive "Miss Kido" is placed in the center of the stage. She is only two years old this year. She is wearing a light-colored dress. The pores on her face and hands are clearly visible, and her look is very realistic. Visitors can control the control buttons on site to allow robots (or robotic animals) to perform various actions. She is from Japan. Not only does she have a nice name, she is also very beautiful, a bit like a mixed race, with big eyes and a high nose bridge, and she blinks playfully when she speaks. Although she was not a human being, she was not as "capable" as Roxy, but it did not affect the gentlemen who admired her turning around her, their eyes shining.

According to Japanese robot experts, these robots are not driven by electricity or oil, but by "gas"! There is a "gas cylinder" hidden in each robot, and many "gas lines" are connected from the "gas cylinders". Each "gas line" controls a small action, such as moving a finger or blinking an eye. "The movement of the electric robot is stiff because the joints use small rotating machines, but the gas will make the robot's movements much softer and more realistic."
   Perfect Robot Aiko is very hardworking and hardworking. The "feminine consciousness" is also very strong and will slap the "harassers"
   Perfect Aiko
   Hardworking and hardworking
   Age: 20 years old
  Features: cleaning the room, keeping accounts; able to do algebra and geometry problems in English and Japanese. Women have a strong sense of consciousness and can play a pervert.
   virtuous beloved son
   The perfect wife in a man's heart
   She is the perfect wife in a man's heart: slim, good at financial management, doing housework, and more importantly, never complaining. Her name is "Aiko", a robot, a masterpiece of Canadian inventor Li Zhong. Li Zhong, 33, is a computer master. Li Zhong was born in Vietnam and grew up in Japan. He made a robot when he was 8 years old. In order to build his dream goddess, he has spent two years, spent 14,000 pounds, ran out of his savings, and sold the car. He said that because he didn't have time to talk about his girlfriend, he used the latest science and technology to create a “perfect girl”. He said that his relationship with Aiko has not yet developed to share the same bed, but as long as the design is slightly improved, Aiko can become a sexual partner. "Aiko" weighs approximately 32 kilograms and has a body made of silicone. Li Zhong completed her hardware part in only one and a half months, but it took more than a year to write the software.
   can do a lot of housework
   She is the standard "good wife"
   Li Zhong said: "'Aizi' is the product of the encounter between technology and beauty." She is more than 20 years old, she is young, slender, and looks good. She is always happy to clean the room, help Li Zhong keep the books, and know what he likes to drink. Every morning, "Aizi" reads newspapers for Li Zhong and starts a new day. She can tell Li Zhong the weather conditions that day in a gentle female voice, such as: "It's minus 2 degrees Celsius outside."

In the evening, they sat at the dining table together, but "Aiko" had a poor appetite and did not eat anything. They often drive out and go for a ride in the country. If Li Zhong accidentally gets lost, he has to rely on his "love son" to give directions. In order to save money, the clothes worn by "Aizi" belonged to Li Zhong's mother. He said that his mother likes "Aiko" very much and combs her hair every day, just like her daughter. Currently, Li Zhong is waiting for new parts and reinstalling the hands of "Aiko" in order to teach her to make tea and coffee in the morning.
   "feminine consciousness" is very strong
   slaps the "harasser"
   "Aiko" is covered with sensors on key parts of her body, and there is a camera on her neck, so that she has the sense of touch, sight and hearing. Li Zhong said: "'Aiko' has other feelings except for the lack of smell."
   Aiko can respond to scratches and touches, recognize people, speak 13,000 sentences in English and Japanese, and do algebra and geometry problems. Li Zhong asked "Aiko" to read a piece of paper with large characters. "Aiko" read it smoothly, with only one mistake. She can nod and move her hands. Li Zhong also took his "loving son" to visit the park, which caused many people to watch. He said: "Ladies generally fight to talk to her, but men want to step forward and touch her. If they behave indecently, the'love son' will slap them and shout angrily." Even Li Zhong Pat her head gently, she will also say: "It's not good to touch a girl's head, touch your own head."
   slightly improved the software
   she becomes a sex partner
   At present, Li Zhong's next goal is to make the "Aiko" more perfect, able to walk like a human, and this requires a lot of money. But Li Zhong has been unemployed for three months and can't afford any more money.
   Currently, finding investors has become his top priority. Once that's done, he hopes to sell the copies to be used as domestic female workers. Li Zhong said: "The'loving son' does not need a holiday, does not eat, does not rest, and can work 24 hours a day. It is a perfect girl."
   With the attention and reports of the media, Li Zhong became famous and became an Internet celebrity. But in an interview, he denied that "Aiko" is his girlfriend, let alone his wife. He emphasized that he has no intention of developing an intimate relationship with Aiko, but he can be a sexual partner with a little modification. He said: "Just redesign the software so that she can have an orgasm and respond to the touch on bed."
  Future outlook
   By 2050 at the latest, will humans have sex with robots every day?
   Li Wei, a world-renowned artificial intelligence expert in the United Kingdom, once boldly predicted in the book "Love with Robots, Make Love with Robots" that by 2050 at the latest, humans will treat robots as lovers, sexual partners, and even marriage spouses, and it will become the norm in society. "Falling in love with robots is just as normal as falling in love with other human beings. The frequency and posture of sex are arbitrary, and robots are omnipotent. The existing sex guides in the world should not be bothered by it."
   There are reasons to fall in love with robots
  The book analyzes the big reasons why humans fall in love with others, including mystery, expectation of unknown relationships, and emotional and sexual attraction. But strangers who have not met on the Internet can also fall in love. It can be seen that love cannot be autonomous. As long as there is close contact, whether there is life or not, human beings will have love. Therefore, people love pets and treat them as family members; some people even fall in love with teddy bears, computers and electronic pets, proving that the objects of human love are not necessarily the same. "All the factors that cause love apply between humans and robots. For example, falling in love with a lover is similar in personality, the other person is knowledgeable or likes himself, and can be written into a computer program."
   more considerate than American men
   Through "artificial emotion technology", robots are more considerate than typical American men. As long as robots understand the needs of humans, they may become part of the family. "You can choose different personalities to buy a robot, just like placing an order on the Internet, you can choose 4% of the time to be funny, other times to be serious, or you can download the program at any time to change your personality, interests and knowledge."
   A completely tailor-made robot can certainly win the love of humans, even cuter than humans. Sexual behaviors are ever-changing, and humans have relied on machines to solve their physiological needs, such as realistic and fully functional inflatable dolls. As long as the software is advanced enough, "there is no reason to think that humans will not be sexually interested in more anthropomorphic robots"; the relationship between the two parties is more private and sex is completely possible. The robot of the future is not only a sex toy, but also a spiritual companion, an object of love.
   "Romantic Barbie" will replace women
   What will Barbie dolls look like in 2050? Last year, scientists from Maastricht University in the Netherlands announced at an international conference that the first generation of new robots called "romantic people" will come out around 2050. This new robot will no longer be that simple. Mechanical robot products will have emotions, character, and consciousness. They can talk to you, they can make you laugh, they can say "I love you", and even a female robot called "Romantic Barbie" will have sexual functions. In this regard, scientists said that a simulated version of this new robot will be launched within 5 years. Previously, Dutch scientists have made breakthroughs in robot electronic intercom systems and temperature sensors. The devices they developed will make robots more realistic.

The most selling point of this machine beauty Roxy made by the Americans is that she has real-life delicate skin and can do anything with you... She has dark hair and a warm and delicate body. She wears a dark color. pajamas. When you put your hand on her palm, she will say "I like to hold hands with you". But this also brings up a question. If it is promoted, will men choose real girlfriends or robots?
After Roxie came out, there were two main reactions from the public. One was the welcome mixed with curiosity. Someone asked excitedly, can a girlish version be released as soon as possible? The other opinion is to pour cold water. Some people simply call the engineer who developed the sex robot an extreme guy. A netizen in Los Angeles said, “Although robots can have various functions of human beings, they are ultimately only machines that will break down. Human society must be the communication between people. Everyone holds a machine. What is that? Matter? A real woman is always my last choice."
   Some analysts say that it doesn't matter what the other end of the virtual reality is, what matters is the personal experience on this end. This kind of human-computer relationship controlled by a fixed process satisfies some people's desire to communicate but refuse to be opposed to others. As a result, robots have replaced certain important roles in real life and have become completely “humanized”. However, although robots can simulate human emotions for feedback, they are still far from human emotions and intelligence. Is the machine assimilated by humans or is it alienated by machines? The cycle of obsession with machines is thought-provoking.

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