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Harsh environment liberates manpower, TR4D-20 robot dog goes online in Baosteel Co., Ltd. for actual combat test

In the iron and steel production process, there are a large number of corridors for raw material belt conveyors. These places have high inspection intensity and harsh and dangerous working conditions. Not only are they narrow and rugged, with huge dust, but also the road surface is muddy and slippery, with many pipes and cables and obstacles. There is a risk of safety accidents in human operations, and it is imminent to replace operations with robots.

The first-generation prototype of the first corridor quadruped inspection robot developed by the Central Research Institute of Baosteel Co., Ltd. was recently launched for actual combat testing in the Wharf Raw Material Entry Center of the Transportation Department of Baoshan Base and the raw material factory of the ironworks.

inspection Robot dog

Aiming at the harsh industrial environment of belt conveyors, the Central Research Institute of Baosteel Co., Ltd. took advantage of the high adaptability of quadruped robots to overcome obstacles and cross platforms, and developed narrow and complex space modeling, navigation, obstacle avoidance, walking and other functional applications to build visual/auditory/temperature-sensing/ The multi-dimensional perception system such as force sense can make up for the blind spots of manual inspection, and solve the pain points of personnel operation safety and status abnormal detection.

The harsh environment and complex scene test independently passed the stability

The Central Research Institute of Baosteel Co., Ltd. adopted TR4D-20 as the quadruped robot platform. Focusing on the narrow and rugged road surface characteristics of the belt conveyor, the team carried out modeling and navigation passability demonstrations and actual combat tests of industrial scenes such as multiple pipes and cables, multiple obstacles, and multiple structures on the ground. It shows that the TR4D-20 has good passability, and can pass quickly in the straight-through corridor with a width of only 800mm. It can also move forward steadily in the face of the slippery and muddy road where the belt conveyor spreads and piles materials, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent independent inspection of large cross-regional scenes. Base.
inspection Robot dog

Multi-dimensional perception test fault identification and abnormal early warning capabilities

The team of the Digital Intelligence Technology Innovation Center of Academia Sinica has integrated visible light and infrared dual-spectrum gimbal, depth camera, voiceprint detection and other perception units for the TR4D-20 robot dog, and built a multi-sensory fusion system such as vision, hearing and temperature. In the process, it realizes the detection of the operation and accumulation status of equipment such as belt conveyor drives, idlers, rollers, belts, weights, chutes, etc., provides data support for abnormal status diagnosis, and completes the inspection work on behalf of people.

In the future, the R&D team will iteratively develop the software and hardware functions of the belt corridor inspection Baoluo around the characteristics of the application scene and the requirements of inspection elements, and add high-precision laser radar, 5G communication and other optimized unit modules, which will form an independent inspection of the entire corridor Remote sharing of operation and status information and other functions, and demonstration applications in relevant belt conveying areas, to reduce personnel load and intrinsic safety in this harsh environment, improve quality and reduce costs, and lead and promote the iterative maturity of quadruped robot technology in the steel industry.

Baosteel Co., Ltd. is a world-leading modern iron and steel conglomerate and the core enterprise of China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., a Fortune Global 500 company. Baosteel Co., Ltd. has major manufacturing bases such as Shanghai Baoshan, Wuhan Qingshan, Zhanjiang Dongshan, and Nanjing Meishan. Among the listed iron and steel enterprises, the output of crude steel ranks second, the output of automobile plates ranks first, and the output of oriented electrical steel ranks first. It is one of the iron and steel enterprises with the most complete varieties of carbon steel in the world.

Baosteel Co., Ltd. has previously signed a demonstration project technical cooperation with Yunshen Technology, the global leader in the application of quadruped robot industry. According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in the belt conveyor corridor inspection, and integrate Baosteel Co., Ltd. The leading technology and industry accumulation, combined with Yunshen Technology's advanced motion control, intelligent perception, and AI algorithms in the field of quadruped robots, jointly promote the intelligent application of quadruped robot dogs in the inspection of belt conveyor corridors. Dog intelligent application.

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