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Chinese sci-fi film "The Wandering Earth 2", a variety of exoskeleton robot products appeared, truly bringing sci-fi into reality!


exoskeleton robot

In the EU, as many as 44 million workers are affected by workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), with a total annual cost of more than €240 billion. Using an exoskeleton can reduce peak muscle loads and reduce the risk of worker injury. The frequency with which workers suffer from various injuries and the high rate of sick leave in these industries are real problems. If exoskeletons can be used more efficiently, they could become an important part of the solution.

Exoskeleton robot is a kind of robot that is worn on the outside of the human body to assist people with physical disabilities in daily movement. It was mostly used in the medical field in the past. In recent years, due to the advancement of science and technology, combined with various systems such as artificial intelligence (AI) technology and communication technology, the intelligent exoskeleton device has the ability to actively adapt and predict the behavior of the wearer. Therefore, in addition to the medical field, it is used in the industrial manufacturing field Exoskeleton technology, which reduces the physical burden of workers and reduces labor injuries, has gradually become a trend.

exoskeleton robot

The battery life of the waist exoskeleton robot can reach 5-8 hours, and it can provide a maximum boost of up to 30kg, and the overall burden can be reduced by more than 60%. Support quick replacement, meet the needs of daily use, and completely solve the anxiety of equipment battery life. When dealing with personalized and customized scenarios, it brings more room for imagination to users. While wearing lighter, workers can experience a smoother and faster boosting effect, whether it is to protect the health of the lumbar spine or improve work efficiency, it has a significant effect. At the same time, it supports the walking assist function, with a maximum walking speed of 7.5km/h, which can simulate the natural movement gait of the human body and improve leg motor skills. A sensitivity adjustment function has been added to make the use of the exoskeleton more flexible and controllable. It can meet the needs of various forms of assistance in heavy physical handling and operation scenarios.

exoskeleton robot

We have also seen that, as a segmented scenario in the robotics field, the demand for exoskeleton robots is gradually increasing. The huge industrial base of the manufacturing and logistics industries in the Chinese market has brought huge market demand for exoskeleton robot products. In this field of track, foreign companies are running ahead, and domestic research in this direction is also gradually increasing.

exoskeleton robot

With the continuous deepening of exoskeleton robot research, it has certain advantages for workers, athletes, and some patients. In the future, for people of different ages, different occupations, different muscle use methods, and work characteristics, it will deeply touch the subdivided fields and promote the continuous innovation of related equipment.

At the same time, exoskeleton technology is constantly changing people's lifestyles, and the utilization rate of this technology in traditional manufacturing will be rapidly popularized in the future.

exoskeleton robot;

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