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SentiV robot can travel across fields, rolling itself to inspect crops

When we talk about agricultural robots, we tend to think of uses for picking produce or applying chemicals. However, SentiV is different. It is designed to check the health of crops, and its unique design allows it to roam the field autonomously. SentiV, created by French robotics startup Meropy, forgoes the traditional rubber tracks or tire-covered wheels used by most agricultural robots. Instead, it moves on rimless open-spoke wheels.

These are designed to help it cope with rough, uneven terrain and minimize damage to crops while on the move.

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Users first mark the perimeter coordinates of their field on a computer dashboard, then, when the SentiV is parked in the field, it uses the onboard GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module to determine its position relative to those boundaries. Then it started walking back and forth across the field, from one end to the other.

SentiV utilizes two cameras to image the plant from two angles - from the top looking down on the leaves, and from below looking up at the base of the leaves. The height of the robot can be adjusted according to needs, just change the wheels of different sizes. In addition to the camera, the final commercial version may also add other sensors.
agricultural robotImages captured by the robot in the field are processed in near real-time by AI-based algorithms. Among other things, users are alerted to existing problems and locations, such as weeds, diseases, and pest infestation. They'll also be notified if more fertilizer or water is needed, plus they'll be informed about the plant's current stage of growth.

According to Meropy, the SentiV robot weighs 15 kilograms (33 pounds) and is capable of covering 20 hectares (49 acres) per day. Farmers can sign up through the company's website to receive the latest commercial supply information.

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