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China Farmer made manned drones and invested 20 million in 2 years. Jackie Chan came to him for filming


The Pearl River Delta, the city with the earliest urbanization, is the region with the most intense cultural conflicts and changes. Some people who worked here early had succeeded, and some had to choose to flee because of their difficult survival conditions.

Zhao Deli was born in a rural area near Dongting Lake in Hunan. When he was a child, he loved watching airplanes spraying pesticides. Around 2008, he moved from his hometown to Tangxia, Dongguan, where he worked as a factory wage earner, fruit hawker, real estate agent, and community security ... There were times when he could make millions in a year.

At that time, he worked as a model airplane agent, and in the long-term exploration, he became the inventor of the drone patent and the model airplane seller on Alibaba Global AliExpress, and was in contact with the world's top flying devices.

In the first one or two years, he basically did the test on the ground. In more than 1,000 test flights, his sight was almost no more than 6 meters. What's more terrible is the crash. Even if you are careful, you still fall forty or fifty times before and after. Every time you fall, it means expensive repairs.

A friend made statistics for him, and he invested more than 20 million yuan to develop manned drones. As of the end of September, among the similar multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, Zhao Deli's actual manned flight effect is the highest and most stable, and the actual flight height is more than 150 meters.

After experiencing crash injuries, after more than 1,500 tests, he has successfully flown more than 500 times on his own drone. According to reports, the UAV has a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour and can last about half an hour each time.

After the "Body Fighting Cloud" and "Traveler T1" successively realized the manned flight, Zhao Deli became more and more busy. When he participated in the "China Talent Show", he also made Yang Mi scared under the table.

Jackie Chan made an appointment with him, hoping that he and his invention will appear in his next film.

Guo Fan, the director of Wandering Earth, said to him: "Dude, you're a cow, you don't rely on special effects, you really flew yourself up."

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