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China Exoskeleton Robot applied to Takeaway Staffs


The official description of this set of exoskeletons is this: this set of exoskeleton mechs is currently aimed at ordinary people with a height of 1.7 to 1.8 meters, and this body-shaped exoskeleton mecha is designed to weigh 16 kg and has a rated load 50 kg. When working, the entire bone is used to transmit power to the ground. Regardless of how many devices or multiple objects are carried, the person mainly bears the operating force, and the shoulder bears the force of 5-10 kg, just like the weight of a laptop.

At present, the cost of exoskeleton is relatively large, so it has not been widely popularized. But at least we saw that the take-out brother was equipped with an exoskeleton and climbed the stairs. It was no problem to move around quickly, and it was still very high-tech.
So, where are the application scenarios for exoskeleton devices? Mainly in some old districts without elevators, the elevators are not enough during the peak period of office flow, and the logistics equipment test projects in the non-battery car delivery areas.
If the exoskeleton can be mass-produced, it still has a certain positive impact on the take-out industry. After all, it can reduce the labor intensity of some take-out brothers.

Didn't expect the exoskeleton technology to land so fast? And it is an area that is so relevant to people's lives. In the past, exoskeletons were mainly used in military, extreme sports and medical rehabilitation, such as assisting patients who cannot stand up and walk to stand up again, such as helping soldiers carry more weapons and equipment to save physical strength on the battlefield ...

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