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If you don't try working hard to move bricks, you have to be unemployed.


As early as 2015, some R&D personnel studied an interesting automation device, a wall-building robot, which can complete a complete house in two days. This industrial robot is called Hadrian X. Engineers continue to make software improvements and announce that it has set a new record in bricklaying speed, which shows that this robot can already compete with artisans around the world.

Hadrian X was developed by the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR). Its exterior design is a retractable robot arm, which is installed on an excavator or truck, enters a 3D CAD house model into it, and then puts bricks, plaster and The adhesive is placed together, and the robot can start building a house model.

Although the concept demonstration robot designed by the team can lay more than 1,000 blocks per hour, the progress at the actual use level is relatively slow. After the software has been improved, the speed of laying has increased from 85 blocks per hour to 150 blocks per hour until 200 yuan per hour.
According to FBR, this reflects the speed at which bricks are continuously laid during the construction of a house and allows Hadrian X to compete with traditional bricklaying services by workers.

Mike Pivac, FBR Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said: "This is the first time we have been able to prove the true commercial value of Hadrian X in practice, taking into account the global labor and brick laying costs, from US$6.9 per square meter to per square meter It ranges from $69, but the ability to lay 200 blocks per hour has given Hadrian X a certain cost advantage, and we will continue to improve so that costs continue to fall.

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