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Japanese catering industry ushered in a trend of "difficult recruitment", robot waiters solve problems

According to data released by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, since July 2019, the number of employees in the Japanese catering industry has dropped from 4.28 million to 3.68 million, with a net loss of 600,000. In this context, the catering industry is facing a shortage of manpower, and there is no way to recruit suitable service personnel, so it can only find another way.

   In this case, many restaurants have chosen to introduce food delivery robots to make up for the shortage of manpower. The owner of a Japanese restaurant said: “We very much hope that customers can come to the store to help the restaurant tide over the difficulties after the epidemic. However, there are currently no service staff in the restaurant, and the problem of reduced service quality cannot be solved. Therefore, more and more restaurants are introducing A food delivery robot to help restaurants deliver dishes."

robot waiter

Among the restaurants that have introduced food delivery robots, they include roasted meat and folk restaurants. In this restaurant, an intelligent food delivery robot is introduced, which can not only deliver about 30KG of dishes each time, but also effectively improve the quality of service. According to the service staff in the store, the operation of the food delivery robot is very simple. It only needs a few taps on the display screen to complete the corresponding task, and it is very flexible, even in narrow aisles, it can still shuttle.
   In terms of cost, the food delivery robot saves about 50,000 yen per month compared with the service staff, and it will also provide various services to further save restaurant costs and bring better revenue. At the same time, the introduction of food delivery robots can also achieve differential marketing, which is very helpful to attract customers.
robot waiter

For the Japanese catering industry, it is facing the dual impact of rising raw material and labor costs and the new crown epidemic. The introduction of food delivery robots can cushion the blow from these two effects. Some catering bosses even said, “In the current labor shortage, the work and value that only service personnel can achieve before are gradually being replaced by food delivery robots. Food delivery robots may become the new standard for restaurants in the future.”

robot waiter

In the future, TROY will continue to work hard on the product side, continue to expand its industry layout and technical advantages, and use more high-quality products and services to meet the intelligent transformation needs of global customers, and allow food delivery robots to land in more restaurants/hotels. Help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency through excellent products.

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