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Analyze machine vision sensor technology and application

Vision sensor technology is one of the seven categories of sensing technology. Vision sensor refers to an instrument that uses optical components and imaging devices to obtain image information of the external environment. Image resolution is usually used to describe the performance of the vision sensor. The progress of the vision sensor is related to the resolution and the detection distance of the measured object. The farther the distance, the worse the absolute position accuracy.

Robot vision is a system that enables robots to have visual perception functions. Robot vision can obtain one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of the environment through visual sensors, and analyze and interpret them through the vision processor, and then convert them into symbols so that the robot can recognize objects , And confirm the position of the object and various states.

Vision system

Basic principles of vision sensors

It is a sensor that calculates the feature quantity (area, center of gravity, length, position, etc.) of the object by performing image processing on the image captured by the camera, and outputs the data and the judgment result. After capturing the image, the vision sensor compares it with the reference image stored in the memory, and analyzes. For example, if the vision sensor is set to identify a machine part with eight bolts correctly inserted, the sensor knows that it should reject only seven Parts with bolts, or parts with misaligned bolts, in addition, no matter where the machine part is located in the field of view, whether the part is rotated within 360 degrees, the vision sensor can make a judgment.

Vision system

Classification of vision sensor technology

1. 3D vision sensing technology

The acquisition of 3D image information is based on the acquisition and quantification of image information by a certain image sensor. These image sensors directly acquire visible light images, or indirectly acquire image information by monitoring radiation, infrared, X-ray or ultrasound. Different sensor technologies have different resolutions, precisions and noises. Therefore, extracting useful information from the information obtained by image sensors for analysis has become a research topic for the majority of scientific and technological workers.

3D vision sensors have a wide range of uses, such as multimedia mobile phones, web photography, digital cameras, robot visual navigation, automotive safety systems, biomedical pixel analysis, human-machine interfaces, virtual reality, etc. These different applications are all based on 3D vision images Sensor Technology.

2. Intelligent visual sensing technology

Intelligent vision sensor technology refers to a highly integrated and intelligent embedded vision sensor technology, which replaces the vision system of the PC platform. The intelligent vision sensor technology combines vision sensors, digital processors, communication modules and other peripheral devices. Collect the dust together to become an intelligent vision sensor that can independently complete the integration of image collection, analysis and processing, and information transmission.

The smart vision sensor under the smart vision sensor technology is also called a smart camera, and it is a new technology that has been developing fastest in the field of machine vision in recent years. The smart camera is a small machine vision system with functions of image acquisition, image processing and information transmission. It is an embedded computer vision system. It integrates the image sensor, digital processor, communication module and other peripherals into a single camera. Due to this integrated design, the complexity of the system can be reduced, and the reliability can be improved. At the same time, the size of the system is greatly reduced and widened. Application areas of vision technology.

Industrial Vision system;

2D Vision system;

Robot vision camera.

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