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Global Top 20 AI Robots ! Please take a look what's the age now ?


With the development of technology, robots will inevitably gradually enter our lives and even replace humans in many fields. The following are some of the most advanced robots in the world:

1. Actroid-F
The goal of this experimental robot is to create the most realistic human-like robots that can speak, blink, recognize facial expressions, and react based on judgment.

human-like robots

A full-size humanoid robot that can act as a guide and receptionist and deliver speeches in multiple languages.

3. Ghost swimmer

An unmanned underwater robot that can imitate sharks or other large fishes for underwater reconnaissance and surveillance at a depth of 100 meters.

4. Biochemical ants

These robots can operate by themselves and react in real time to surrounding stimuli. Like a real ant, it will communicate and coordinate with its peers. In the future, you may see a whole group of ant robots running.

This is a bionic ant from Festo. There are many bionic animals in their family. If you are interested, you can click on the picture below to view:

5. CB2

A child-like humanoid robot used to test the learning ability of AI. It has the ability to recognize facial expressions and gestures and derive meaning from them (just like human babies). In the future, such robots may live with real people.

6. Big dog

A military robot that can carry a weight of up to 100 kilograms and traverse complex terrain, which is impossible for the usual robots that use wheels.

7. Robugtix T8X

The appearance is a huge spider robot, which is currently only a remote control tool. Many larger, autonomously aware spider robots are really scary.


The humanoid service robot has the ability to recognize faces, voices and gestures, and can autonomously decide how to respond. It's a pity that Asimo has stopped its research and development. For a comprehensive report on it, friends can click on the animation below to view:

9, Mechanical flying fox

Robot bats move and fly similarly to animals. They have a wingspan of more than two meters and are very light. They can collect data and "learn" the most effective way to travel. This is also Festo's bionic animal.

10. Cheetah 3

Not only can you run on rugged terrain, climb stairs, and fly more than 10 meters in the air, but you can complete these operations without using any cameras or environmental sensors.


A humanoid military robot designed to imitate the movements and behavior of human soldiers to test the next generation of military clothing and safety equipment. It can walk, run, and crawl like a human. It will be deployed in search and rescue operations in dangerous areas in the future. It is the predecessor of the Boston robot Atlas.

12. Pole dance robot

Maybe you are not interested in this kind of performance of robots for the time being, but they can imitate the more complex movements (dance) of human beings, which will come in handy when the robot technology develops to a higher level.

13. Biochemical wheel robot

A spider in the Moroccan desert is good at adapting to the terrain (for example, when the terrain is flat, the speed becomes twice as fast). This robotic spider imitates this behavior and can quickly roll over flat surfaces and traverse more difficult terrain.

14. Atlas

This advanced humanoid robot has proven its ability to run, jump, stand up by itself if knocked down, it can also traverse difficult terrain, including snow, and even do a backflip. Currently its capabilities are still under continuous development.

Atlas robot is the guy who jumped three times


15. Kuratas

This behemoth is nearly 4 meters high and weighs about 5 tons. It comes with a rotating mini-gun, a rocket launcher and a dexterous humanoid hand.

16. Wildcat

It is the fastest free-running quadruped robot with a speed of 32 kilometers per hour and can maintain speed and stability when maneuvering and turning. The developer's goal is to make it reach a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

17, SpotMini

A robot that can move in the office or at home, equipped with installable arms and grippers, looks like a small dinosaur.

There are already many SpotMini robot dog skill packs and they have been introduced to the market. It has truly come to us:

18. Method-2

With a height of 4 meters and a weight of more than 1.5 tons, it is the world’s first manned biped robot. The direct plan of the robot is to help humans work safely in dangerous places, such as the disaster area of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but the long-term use may be for Border military defense.

19. Sofia

The famous social humanoid robot uses artificial intelligence to interact with humans, can process its own words, understand and imitate human facial expressions and behaviors. Her creators believe that she is the first step in creating truly sensible AI, and her existence has begun to blur the boundaries between humans and machines.

20, Mechanical sea snake

A snake-like robot designed to monitor and repair deep sea cables and irrigation pipes that are inaccessible to divers or submarines. For some reason, it was designed with terrible black and red eyes.

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