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What new changes will Robot builder for houses property?

Sina is informed that Bobo Intelligent is developing nearly 50 construction robots and intelligences, of which 18 construction robots have been commercialized products.

Linmu was established in 2018. It mainly focuses on the research, production and application of construction robot systems, promotes the application of new prefabricated buildings, builds an industrial Internet platform based on BIM (information model) digital technology, and innovates and applies intelligent building organization and organization structure. The excavating construction robot systematically extends to most of the building, making the working robot as intelligent as it is.

Construction Robot

After more than two years of development, Bo Zhilin has realized the construction of robots from independent research and development, small batch production to engineering testing, engineering services and mass commercialization, and has carried out a comprehensive end-to-end planning and practice to build a complete full-cycle closed loop . From the independent R&D and manufacturing of construction robots to the full-cycle digital and systematic application of construction engineering, Bozhilin's products and technologies have achieved many "zero" breakthroughs and filled many gaps in the industry.

As of February 2021, Bo Zhilin has submitted 3,042 valid patent applications, including 2,161 invention patents, and has obtained 984 patent authorizations, including 262 invention patents, and has a number of independent core technologies in key areas. It is worth mentioning that Bozhilin has already carried out pilot applications of 18 robots in more than 15 projects including the first development area of Shunde Robot Valley and Fengtong Garden in Foshan, and the cumulative application construction area has reached 800,000 square meters.
Construction Robot

During the visit to the Fengtong Garden project, you can see the cleaning robots, ceiling polishing robots, interior wall polishing robots, measuring robots, and floor grinding robots, spraying robots, and marking robots in the basement. Stand guard and get employed. The robot is also equipped with the function of absorbing dust, so compared with the traditional construction site, the Fengtong Garden smart construction site is cleaner and safer. The "height" 1.7-meter floor grinding robot can flexibly adjust and avoid obstacles automatically when encountering a pillar. As the grinding disc rotates, the originally rough ground becomes smooth as a mirror, and the sand and dust are all absorbed into the dust bag behind.

Construction Robot

Robot employment "brain" is the key.

If the robot is the right arm of the construction link, then a mature digital application system is the "most powerful brain". How to deploy robots with different functions in a reasonable, scientific and high-profile manner so that they can maximize their role in the entire construction process has become the key.
Construction Robot

Take the Fengtong Garden project as an example. The project is based on BIM digital technology and uses an intelligent construction system including construction robots, intelligent construction equipment, and new building industrialization.

The project uses mature BIM digital system applications, combined with Internet, cloud computing, and big data technology, and uses drones, BIM integrated design optimization, BIM collaboration platform, cost material system, planning and scheduling system, smart construction site system, and virtual construction system A total of 21 applications in 7 categories of products, detailed research, scientific planning, and exploration of the realization of visualization of construction plans and digitalization of project management.

Therefore, it can be seen that in the project smart command center, the staff clicks the mouse on the large screen, and the project details of any building and floor of the project can be visualized in a flat or three-dimensional view, and any project can be monitored remotely The real-time status of the construction robot on the construction site, and the ability to remotely issue work orders to the robot.
Construction Robot

Professor Zhang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, said: “In just three years, Country Garden Group has invested a lot of R&D resources and talents in the fields of BIM, prefabricated buildings and construction robots, and carried out comprehensive For the research and development of the company, a large number of robots have been delivered, and it has been at the forefront of the country and the world in the field of intelligent construction and construction robots."

In addition, Bo Zhilin has also put a lot of effort into parts and components. Due to the harsh operating environment, large scene differences, and complex and changeable construction surfaces of construction robots, the requirements for core components and core algorithms are very different from those of industrial robots and other products.
China is a major construction country and has the largest construction market in the world. The construction industry is a pillar industry of my country's national economy, accounting for about 26% of my country's GDP share in 2020. The value of contracts signed by the construction industry in China has also maintained a growth momentum. In 2020, the value of contracts signed by the construction industry in China reached 5,957.7 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year; the value of new contracts signed by the construction industry in China was 3,2517.4 billion yuan, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year.

Compared with the manufacturing industry, the level of informatization, digitization, and intelligence in my country’s construction industry is still very low. At this stage, my country’s intelligent construction is still in its infancy. There is no experience in related fields that can be used for reference. Standard systems such as acceptance are still lacking.
In addition, what does not match the huge market capacity is that today's migrant workers engaged in the construction industry are seriously aging, and the willingness of young laborers to engage in the construction industry continues to decrease. The traditional construction industry is a labor-intensive industry. As the demographic dividend gradually recedes, the way of achieving scale expansion mainly relying on abundant and cheap labor in the past will be unsustainable. The construction industry urgently needs to find new breakthroughs to improve human efficiency and reduce costs. Realize the sustainable development of the industry.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" also mentioned the manufacturing industry many times. It clearly stated that the focus of economic development should be on the real economy. Modernize the industrial chain to improve economic quality, efficiency and core competitiveness. Including requirements to improve the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, develop strategic emerging industries, accelerate the development of modern service industries, coordinate the advancement of infrastructure construction, and accelerate digital development.

In the past, heavy and dangerous construction procedures in the construction industry, such as bricklaying, wall building, painting, etc., have gradually been completed by robots. The scenes such as "robot building" that the public has seen in TV, movies and other dramas have also moved into the real world. Perhaps, as Yang Guoqiang imagined, "building a house like a car" will be truly realized in the near future.

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