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What are the "stunts" of the inspection robot climbing the Yangtze River Bridge !


On the stay cables of the Baishazhou Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, a robot is crawling fast. On the sidewalk on the side, a technician clearly recorded the health of the inner wire of the cable through the monitoring terminal. In just 10 minutes, a 300-meter-long cable was tested. This is the first application of the sixth-generation "Explorer" bridge cable intelligent detection robot newly developed by the China Railway Bridge Research Institute on a bridge across the Yangtze River.

inspection robot

Technicians are operating the sixth-generation "Explorer" bridge cable intelligent inspection robot.

It is understood that the bridge cable is composed of thousands of steel wires. Whether the steel wires are damaged or not is directly related to the safety of the bridge. Jiang Gan, deputy director of the Bridge Health Monitoring Center of the China Railway Bridge Research Institute, introduced that in the past, manual inspection of the stay cables required a manned gondola to be pulled up the bridge tower along the steel cable, and a 200-meter-long cable inspection required two or three people. It took half a day to complete. Not only is it extremely risky and affects normal traffic, it also cannot detect damage to the cable. Today, with the latest generation of inspection robots, one or two technicians can complete the inspection of a steel cable in just 10 minutes, covering both the surface and internal damage detection of the cable body, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of bridge inspection.

"This robot is only 30 kilograms, which is more than half the weight of the previous generation robot, and the speed is increased by 40%. Each inspection is like doing 'NMR' to the cable." Director of the New Technology Institute of China Railway Bridge Research Institute Wang Xiang said that the robot adopts advanced CCD technology and industrial camera lens, and can also perform high-definition imaging during high-speed movement. The robot also realizes functions such as full-time six-wheel drive, climbing and returning, automatic navigation, and orientation positioning, which ensures the accuracy and safety of high-altitude detection.
inspection robot

The sixth-generation "Explorer" bridge cable intelligent inspection robot is testing the cable.

The "Explorer" bridge cable intelligent inspection robot is one of the representative achievements of the new bridge intelligent inspection technology of China Railway Bridge Research Institute. Since the first domestic "Explorer" cable inspection robot came out in 2012 It has been iteratively upgraded in the practice of cross-river and cross-sea bridge engineering, and it has been updated to the sixth generation product. According to reports, its large-scale application will promote the progress of my country's bridge inspection and evaluation technology and help China's "bridge business card" to go global.

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