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What are the classifications of the industrial welding robots ?


Everyone knows that there are many types of manual welding, but I don't know what classification of robotic welding equipment? Welding robots are the most used robots in industrial production. Let's take a look the introduction below:

Robot welding equipment is currently the most widely used automated welding equipment. It has the characteristics of high versatility and stable work. Using a robot to complete a welding task requires only an engineer to teach it once, and the robot can accurately reproduce every teaching One step operation. If you let the robot do another job, you don't need to change any hardware, just teach it once.
Welding robots are divided into arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, etc. Arc welding is the most widely used welding method in industrial production. The general arc welding robot consists of teaching box, control panel, robot body and automatic wire feeding device, welding Power supply and other parts. There are two driving methods for spot welding robots: hydraulic drive and electric drive. Have a degree of freedom: waist rotation, arm rotation, wrist rotation, wrist swing. Under the control of the controller, continuous trajectory motion control can be realized by using linear interpolation and circular interpolation functions to obtain the weld trajectory.

Through the introduction of the above article, you already know what classifications of robot welding equipment. The welding work environment is surrounded by smoke and sparks, which brings certain hidden dangers to personal safety and health. The use of robotic welding equipment can avoid these hidden dangers and improve the welding production efficiency.

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