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Unmanned forklift can increase efficiency by 200%

High precision, strong adaptability, great strength, high efficiency, not afraid of tiredness... On February 21, the reporter walked into Future Robot which is stationed in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone this year, and unveiled the mystery of "AI+logistics".
Unmanned forklift

  The unmanned forklift is working in the warehouse

 Let unmanned forklifts have "eyes"

"What we do is to solve the heavy physical work in logistics." Dr. Li Luyang, co-founder and CEO of Future Robotics Co., Ltd., told reporters that the stock of manual forklifts in the market continues to increase, reaching 13 million units last year, and a corresponding number of workers are needed to go. Operations, repeated, heavy physical, and intensive work in a single space by forklift workers are now difficult to attract young people. "Our technical team has solved the key technical points of universality, high precision, stability, adaptability, etc., which can be used in a wide range of scenarios." It is understood that the development of robots in the future will be highly intelligent and visual driverless. The module gives the unmanned forklift "eyes", and the error of the goods carried is less than 1 cm. At the same time, the high stability ensures that the forklift robot can operate for 24 hours. With the improvement of adaptability, for example, pallets are placed crookedly and goods are of different sizes, AI technology allows unmanned forklifts to solve them like people.
Unmanned forklift

   At present, large chemical companies, supermarkets, e-commerce companies and other companies are using unmanned forklifts produced by future robots. "In just these two days, the country's largest unmanned forklift application scenario is about to be accepted, and 65 unmanned forklifts will work on the same site. Compared with labor, it can increase the efficiency by 200%."

To be a leader in industrial unmanned vehicles

In January of this year, Future Robotics moved its headquarters to the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, which is integrated with Hong Kong One Bay. This company with the genes of Shenzhen and Hong Kong has further integrated its development into the Baige contender. The Bay Area is under construction.

"The founding team of Future Robotics is composed of professors and PhDs from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was incubated in the Hong Kong Science Park and then developed in Shenzhen. It is now a 200-person company. It is natural to enter the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone." Li Luyang said. The cooperation zone is a gathering of talents, strong location advantages, and high positioning. At the same time, the Futian District Committee and District Government has constructed a scientific research management system that is most conducive to technological innovation, which solves the worries of enterprises to the greatest extent.

   "The goal of robots in the future is to build a leader in industrial unmanned vehicles, and take advantage of the development of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone to realize technological innovation and industrial applications in the unmanned logistics industry."

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