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The gas station cobots are coming !

A few days ago, the country's first highland outdoor explosion-proof refueling robot.

In Caina Township, Qushui County, Lhasa City, at the airport high-speed gas station was installed and used.

Explosion-proof robot

The plateau outdoor explosion-proof refueling robot is independently developed by PetroChina. It can recognize the gun-lifting technology, adapt to the working environment of ultra-low temperature, high altitude, and strong ultraviolet rays, and work around the clock. The equipment has obtained the national explosion-proof certification and has high safety, which improves the safety of gas stations.
After the driver places an order through the China Petroleum Hospitality e-station APP, the smart refueling robot can quickly recognize the fuel tank cap, extend the robotic arm, open the fuel tank cap to refuel, and complete the operation in just a few minutes. From entering the station, refueling to leaving the station, the driver does not need to get off the car during the whole journey, and there is no contact during the service.
Explosion-proof robotThe outdoor explosion-proof refueling robot on the plateau uses a combination of 2D+3D vision for positioning, and is designed based on a movable three-dimensional platform to provide the robot with additional motion capabilities and improve its adaptability to the parking range; use a collaborative robotic arm to reduce the risk of personal injury; The integrated design of the fueler and the oil gun, the localization rate is over 90%.

Explosion-proof robot;

Explosion-proof cobot;

collaborative robot.

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