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The American "Fighter Dog" debuts with an automatic rifle on its back


The US "Power" website "War Zone" column reported on October 12 that the United States (Ghost Robotics) and (SWORD International) have jointly created a "robotic dog" equipped with rifle weapons. This weapon system is called the "Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle" (SPUR) system. A 6.5 mm rifle weapon produced by the "Baojian International" company is installed on the quadruped robot of the "Ghost Robot" company.

Four-legged Robot Dog

According to reports, this weapon system made its debut at the U.S. Army Association's annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. on October 11. At present, it is only known that this weapon system uses a 6.5 mm caliber rifle, and its ammunition, loading speed and other information are available It's not clear yet. The "Ghost Robot" company stated that the SPUR robot dog can be loaded into the chamber under the command of remote commands, and it can also clean the chamber and ensure safety. The gun weapon used in the SPUR robot dog module looks like it has a silencer, which may make it more difficult for the opponent to determine where the shot came from.

   The report mentioned that at present, neither in the United States nor in other parts of the world, 6.5 mm caliber ammunition has not been widely adopted. However, the U.S. Special Operations Command is purchasing light machine guns and rifles of this caliber. Tests have shown that the bullets of this caliber have a longer range than the various existing 7.62 mm caliber bullets of the U.S. Special Forces.
Four-legged Robot DogAs for the SPUR robot dog's sighting system, it seems to be installed on the top of it. In the future, the SPUR robot dog can also have a certain degree of autonomy, and may use artificial intelligence technology to drive it, at least it can detect and "lock" potential threats.

It is reported that there are many four-legged robot products on the market, and some are used for testing and performing military tasks, but most of them are only used for non-combat purposes such as patrol and reconnaissance. There are not many cases of installing offensive weapons on robot dogs. See. The US military has also been exploring ways to use robotic dogs to perform special tasks. In the early tests of the U.S. Marine Corps, large robot dogs were used to accompany infantry in combat. However, because the robot dogs used internal combustion engine power at that time, the noise was very loud, which easily caused the position of the troops to be exposed, and the test results were not satisfactory. The U.S. Air Force also introduced a robot dog developed by the "Ghost Robot" company last year to perform patrol missions at Tyndall Air Force Base. These robot dogs are used to patrol areas that are difficult to reach by personnel and vehicles, and soldiers use head-mounted VR (virtual reality) equipment to control them in the defense operations center of the base.

Four-legged Robot Dog;

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