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Shoot down the drones in the Sky with China-made weapons, causing US alert


The war in Libya continues, and there is no sign of stopping the armed conflict between the eastern and western groups. However, although there are many people on both sides, there are not many advanced weapons and equipment that can be used. Due to the double limitations of technical and financial strength, both sides of the Libyan civil war use a large number of inexpensive weapons to fight. As an important tool in modern warfare, drones are naturally active in the Libyan battlefield, but of course, Libyan armed personnel cannot afford high-end Chadian integrated drones or large drones, and purchase similar civilian products. Drones have become their choice.

Recently, according to extranet reports, armed men in Libya shot down enemy drones with Chinese-made weapons. A picture shows an armed man holding a Chinese-made drone countermeasure device on the left and a shot down enemy small drone on the right showing off. However, careful friends took a closer look and found that this drone was actually made in China, which is the famous DJI drone. I did not expect that both sides of the battlefield actually used Chinese-made weapons and equipment, which is really a spectacle on the battlefield.

In fact, in recent years, the use of drones on the battlefield has become increasingly widespread, and many small civilian drones have also been converted to military use. Chinese-made drones have been very popular in the Middle East. The drones as large as "Pterosaurs" and small drones small enough to be carried by soldiers have been welcomed by many Middle Eastern countries. It is not surprising that China has built drones.
Small UAVs in DJI are cheap and easy to use. Even Syrian armed groups with limited funds and technology have no pressure to use them. This time, Libyan armed groups are likely to use them in military reconnaissance, Search task. However, what they did not expect was that the other party happened to have a drone's anti-jamming device.

UAV jamming guns are not traditional firearms. They are actually an electronic jamming countermeasure device. When used, they do not fire bullets. Instead, they shield and interfere with signals in a certain area to intercept The purpose of the other drone. The use of drones depends on the operator's remote control and the positioning services provided by the satellite navigation system. The functions of anti-drone jamming guns include directly cutting off all connections between the drone and the controller to make it directly fail, cutting off the drone data link so that it is not difficult to accept aerial pictures and videos, and forcing the drone to force a landing. Or return home. At present, such drone countermeasure interference guns have been sufficiently developed, and the effective distance is generally about 1 km, while the professional anti-drone interference guns can reach 3 km.

The reason why Chinese companies manufactured these drone jamming guns was not originally for military purposes, but to intercept civilian drones. After all, with the advancement of technology, ordinary people can easily take drones to fly in public places, but many areas do not want civilian drones to fly over, especially in crowded areas, drone operations Improper use may result in personal injury and property damage. It is precisely to stop drones from flying randomly that anti drone device such as drone jamming guns have been produced by China's highly creative enterprises.

In Libya, the warring parties rarely have high-level drone equipment. The use of affordable civilian drones for military purposes is a very reasonable option for reconnaissance and search tasks. After all, even the discerning U.S. military has purchased a lot of U.S. Drones, and it is understandable that Libyan armed forces will use them for reconnaissance. Hitting a small drone with missiles and anti-aircraft guns is undoubtedly very difficult. It is really the best option to use electromagnetic weapons to subdue it at a low cost. After all, the anti-drone gun is a big charge and the cost is almost negligible.

In summary, this is the miracle of destroying a Chinese-made drone with a Chinese-made drone countermeasure in the Syrian region. It is worth mentioning that this will have a very favorable impact on the export of China's weapons and equipment. Small drones are easy to consume and need to be replenished. It goes without saying; in addition, the outstanding performance of the drone's anti-jamming device. , Will also lead to other countries competing to buy. This has also aroused the vigilance of the United States. The Pentagon believes that if China's unmanned aerial vehicle and other related industries continue to develop, it will make the United States lose market competitiveness. You know, even the U.S. military has bought a lot of DJI from China.(Reproduced)

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