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Robot dogs can't swim?


       Since it is called "dog", it should be able to swim.

       As we all know, dogs can swim, but what about robot dogs? A robotic dog named Vision 60 Q-UGV says it can.

Robot dog

       It's not the first time the Vision 60 has attracted attention. Last time it was a "killer robot dog" with a rifle on its back.

       As a bionic robot, the Vision 60 quadruped robot can adapt to complex terrain more easily than a biped robot. But the R&D team hopes that the application scenarios of Vision 60 are not limited to land.

Robot dog The new version of Vision 60 folds its legs under the body, and the front sensor points above the water surface, allowing it to swim slowly in the water. After swimming to the shore, it spreads its legs, leaps forward, and walks ashore. This means that Vision 60 is already an amphibious robot dog. The R&D team named this amphibious variant of the Vision 60 the Q-UGV.

Robot dog The Q-UGV can swim mainly because it has a "tail" called NAUT. NAUT is an underwater propulsion system manufactured by onyx Industries.

NAUT has a dog-shaped robot that moves through water with water jets. The system draws in the water first and then ejects it at a faster rate, allowing the Vision 60 to move through the water with vectored thrust. The system is capable of propelling and accelerating the robot dog, running at full power for approximately 35 minutes using a dedicated power supply. After that, NAUT can continue to function through the power of the robot dog's own internal power supply.

Robot dog                                   While swimming at 3.4 mph isn't fast, the NAUT-powered Vision 60 is fully capable of traversing streams and calm waters. This amphibious capability would be useful for robots in reconnaissance and patrolling of coastal or river terrain, and possibly even in thorny terrain such as swamps or estuaries.

In addition to the NAUT tail, the Vision 60 robot can also be equipped with lidar and even laser weapons, such as the "sniper rifle version" that will debut in 2021.

Multiple modifications to the same robot can overload the batteries and motors, but this ability to swap and modify means the robot can be a usable tool in a variety of conditions.
Robot dog                                                 A robot that can walk anywhere humans set foot is a useful companion. Humans can drive robots to scout ahead, crossing rivers before large forces to secure landing sites.

However, there is a question mark about the autonomous capabilities of the Vision 60. We not only care about how autonomous it is, but also about its usage scenarios and purposes. Just as the Vision 60 was called a "killer robot dog" with a rifle on its back, the scene where his amphibious capabilities will be used is still of great concern.

According to reports, the US Air Force has used Vision 60 robotic dogs to patrol around Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, because the Vision 60 robotic dogs can smoothly traverse the mud to monitor the surrounding environment.

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