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New news about China’s artificial sun! Are you not afraid of the cold this year? NOAA: La Niña may return in June

I saw an interesting piece of content "From "a bunch of one device" to "three steps" of nuclear energy, the confidence of a great power comes from "nuclear"", which talks about the issue of China's artificial sun, which can be regarded as a new step in China's artificial sun. information.

However, there is still a strange question under the "Chinese Artificial Sun", that is, everyone talks about the "artificial sun" being linked to changes in temperature. Some people have also raised it before - "If the earth enters the Little Glacier During this period, can China's "artificial sun" be used to heat up? This is a bit interesting. This idea is really big.

This seems to answer everyone’s question: Isn’t the La Nina phenomenon likely to return this year? There may be extreme cold, but with the artificial sun, will it not be cold?
Indeed, the name "artificial sun" does have this meaning. So can it be used to heat up so that everyone can stay warm during this cold year?

First, let’s briefly explain the issue of El Niño turning to La Niña.

The probability is as high as 85%! La Niña may return in June
Yes, this time it is new news released by NOAA in April. El Niño has weakened, and the probability of turning into La Niña has also increased comprehensively, which means that there is almost no big problem with La Niña.

Judging from the key index Niño -3.4, it is also declining. As long as it enters the range of -0.5 degrees to 0.5 degrees, it means that El Niño will completely transform into neutral and then develop in the direction of La Niña.

Therefore, the exponential trend is weakening and La Niña space is returning.

The my country Climate Center has previously stated that La Niña is likely to occur this summer, and NOAA has given a probability of recurrence as high as 60% between June and August. Based on data simulations from autumn and early winter, La Niña is The probability of occurrence of the phenomenon has reached 85%.
So obviously, La Nina is basically certain to appear this year.

During the 4.15 period, the Climate Center held a "Dialogue with Meteorological Experts - Scientific Understanding of El Niño", which once again explained that under the rapid attenuation of this El Niño event, the equatorial central and eastern Pacific will likely enter a La Niña state in the future. Although There will still be big differences sooner or later, but the trend has not changed much.

Moreover, El Niño and La Niña often occur alternately. The cycle period is generally 2 to 7 years, with an average cycle of 4 years. Since 1951, a total of 22 El Niño events have occurred, among which super strong El Niño events occurred in 1982/1983 and 1997 respectively. /1998 and 2015/2016.

Therefore, after El Niño, under normal circumstances, La Niña occurs, but there are also special circumstances where there may be neither, and there is also the issue of the "continuation" of La Niña and El Niño.

It is relatively common in La Niña. During the last La Niña phenomenon, there was also a "rare triple La Niña" year, and extreme cold also occurred in our country. In the north, there was an extreme cold of about minus 50 degrees.

Therefore, La Nina is expected to come out again this time, and everyone is also afraid of the extreme cold.

No, based on this paragraph, South Korea also released news on April 15 that South Korea's "artificial sun" has made a major breakthrough in fusion energy research.

Its Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) device successfully heated a plasma loop to 180 million degrees Fahrenheit (100 million degrees Celsius) for a record 48 seconds, beating the device's 2021 record world record of 31 seconds. Of course, this breakthrough is South Korea's own breakthrough, and China's artificial sun is even better.
artificial sun

Therefore, the world is building artificial suns, each with its own breakthroughs. No, this also involves the discussion of temperature caused by "artificial suns".

With the "artificial sun" in China, will China no longer be afraid of the cold this winter?
First of all, "artificial sun" is a relatively popular name. It is called the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or "ITER" for short. This is because it is a superconducting Tokmak that can produce large-scale nuclear fusion reactions, so it is commonly known as "Artificial Sun".
artificial sun

Our country's technological development in "artificial sun" is very strong, and it is considered to be at the forefront of the world. Its entire nuclear energy development implements the three-step strategy of "thermal reactor-fast reactor-fusion reactor" and regards fusion energy as the ultimate solution to energy problems. step.

From the perspective of China's development, it has achieved many breakthroughs. In October 2022, China's Circulation 3 plasma current reached 1.15 million amperes, setting a new record for the operation of my country's controllable nuclear fusion device.

In August 2023, China's Gyre 3 achieved high-confinement mode operation under a plasma current of 1 million amperes for the first time, once again breaking the operating record of my country's magnetic confinement fusion device.
artificial sun

Therefore, by continuing to make breakthroughs, can we really use it to change the climate? With the "artificial sun" in China, will China no longer be afraid of the cold this winter? Could the Little Ice Age have warmed it up too?

In fact, this is entirely because everyone has too much imagination. Artificial sun can indeed provide energy needs.

However, it is not a real "sun". It can hang in the sky to warm everyone, let alone use it to heat up when the Little Ice Age appears. Simply put - it is an energy solution. device rather than a physical sun.
artificial sun

Therefore, there is no such self-sustaining ability at all.

You said you are afraid of the cold or not, what does it have to do with it? It has nothing to do with it, everyone is just too imaginative.

Of course, this is also the direction of clean energy research and is necessary. After all, if energy is freely utilized, the earth's climate will be intermittently changed, and extreme weather will no longer be encountered.

So what are the advantages of artificial sun?
The advantages of creating an "artificial sun" are quite prominent.
artificial sun

I will briefly explain a few, such as:

First, from the perspective of nuclear fusion fuel, deuterium exists in large quantities in the ocean, and tritium can be converted through the lithium element rich in the earth. At the same time, nuclear fusion can harvest huge energy from a small amount of fuel. The deuterium fuel extracted from one liter of seawater is completely used in the nuclear fusion reaction, and the energy released is equivalent to burning 300 liters of gasoline.

Abundant fuel reserves and huge energy density mean that "energy freedom" can be achieved.

Second, the product of the nuclear fusion deuterium and tritium reaction is helium, which is harmless to the environment. At the same time, because the conditions for nuclear fusion reactions are extremely harsh, if any condition is not met, the fusion reaction will automatically terminate, which has the characteristics of high inherent safety.

Therefore, nuclear fusion energy has the advantages of abundant resources, environmental friendliness, and high inherent safety, and it is also the key to changing the energy pattern of mankind.
artificial sun

Therefore, we also hope that countries around the world can make breakthroughs in "artificial sun" and realize commercial operation as soon as possible, so that the problem of hot and cold earth can be changed intermittently through it, mainly because of the need to reduce emissions. By relying on it at that time, emissions will be reduced and the earth's climate will be improved.

Artificial Sun

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