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[My Robot Friend] Leading the way, delivering things, and acting like a spoiled smart "hotel worker" starts work


In the past two years, when tourists stay in hotels in Tianjin, most of them will encounter a special "employee". Although he is reinforced, he is proficient in all kinds of skills, such as being cute, leading the way, delivering meals... "The baby is walking, please don't block the front area." "I'm very happy to be able to ride the elevator with you. Please walk inside and give me the middle seat." "Please give me a good review, I Mom will give me candy." After 8:00 in the morning, the hotel receptionist received a call from the guest on the 7th floor who needed "two bottles of water", so the task fell to the self-proclaimed "baby" On the robot waiter. The hotel staff handed the relevant items to the waiting robot waiter. After inputting the instructions, the robot waiter took the elevator and looked for the room by himself.

robot waiter

This guy who is less than 1 meter tall, can act like a spoiled child, and looks "cute" has attracted the attention of many people as soon as he appeared. Some children will always follow the robot, and they like it very much. a small video. In the process of work, the hotel service robot can not only shuttle through the corridors of the hotel without barriers, but also call the elevator to each floor. , while delivering the items to the door of the guest exactly, the one-way time is less than 3 minutes, saving 75% of labor costs.
After the whole process, it realizes the whole process of taking the elevator autonomously, avoiding roadblocks, finding rooms, calling customers, returning to the front desk, and automatically recharging. "I called the front desk this morning to ask for mineral water. I didn't expect that the phone rang but it was a robot's voice. I asked me to open the door to get the water. After I closed the cabin door, it went away by itself. It's so cute!" This is Mr. Li, the tenant. The first time he met a robot waiter, he said that although he did see a robot when he walked into the hotel lobby, he always thought it was just a welcome decoration. He never thought that the current hotel service can be so intelligent.
robot waiter

There are not a few people who have the same experience as Mr. Li. Many residents said, "The most interesting thing is this robot. It can deliver things to the room and play a few times while taking the opportunity to order takeout." After walking over the bumps on the ground and bumping, it would say 'Oops, don't get in my way', and thought that it had fallen in love with this cute creature."
"Some guests will even take the initiative to avoid them. Maybe the staff will push the dining car into the elevator and guests will have opinions, but in the face of a cute robot, who would have the heart to get angry? This is also a 'bonus' that comes with the hotel service robot." Hong Jinhua, general manager of Wyndham Hotel Tianjin, said with a smile that the two hotel service robots in the lobby have been hired at the beginning of the hotel's opening in 2021. They are old employees. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the robots played a great role. Great effect, "It has a 24L interior space, except for delivery of takeaways, slippers, toothbrushes, mineral water, hair dryers, bath towels or clothes hangers and other common items are no problem, staff and customers have reduced contact, more secure, Hygiene.” In addition, robots can give guests a sense of security. “Especially when delivering meals at night, for female guests, robots will feel more at ease.”
robot waiter

Vision sensors, obstacle avoidance sensors, microphones, speakers, PAD operation screens, WIFI, etc... On the hotel service robot, one by one high-tech equipment not only meets the needs of indoor scenes, but also protects the privacy of guests and realizes contactless services. It increases the satisfaction and experience of the guests, and replaces the boring or dangerous things for hotel staff to achieve a stable service level.
"It's very common to use robots in hotels now!" In Hong Jinhua's view, hotel service robots are on duty 24 hours a day, do not get sick, do not complain, and the monthly salary is approximately equal to the electricity bill. "We have more than 160 rooms every day. If there is a need to deliver goods at night, and the staff on duty cannot meet the needs of all guests, the robot is particularly useful." For the guests, while providing convenience for life, they can also feel the black technology brought by the smart city. experience.
At present, more than 300 hotel service robots in Tianjin have started their "part-time work" life. In the face of the hotel application scenario under the normalization of the epidemic, the hotel robot research and development company has further launched an epidemic-proof version of the dual-cabin robot and put it into use. The built-in ultraviolet light can automatically disinfect the takeaway and other items in the cabin, and the first guest can be delivered to the hotel. After you need the items, you can go directly to the second guest's room without returning to the lobby. The efficiency is nearly 30% higher than that of a single cabin.
robot waiter

It is understood that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, service robots are increasingly appearing in our lives. From factories, logistics to hospitals, to housekeeping and hotels, service robots are constantly breaking through the category of "mechanical arms" to bring people a more convenient life. With the continuous planning and layout of Tianjin, more "black technologies" are about to enter thousands of industries, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and stimulating vitality!

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