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Hi-tech fire fighters in Charge now ! The remote control Robot takes the lead and extinguishes the fire in the


Fire fighting Robot

Not afraid of high temperature and fear of explosion, armored to detect the scene of fire
During the demonstration, a firefighter from Chengdu Fire Squadron No. 1 Squadron operated the robot and stood in front of a terminal monitor. He could complete the robot's forward, backward, and rotation. To get this robot to rush into the fire scene, the machine's protective equipment is also intricate. "It itself is explosion-proof and waterproof, and is specifically targeted at explosive environments such as petrochemicals and gas." The operator said that not only that, the robot was armed to the teeth, and the tracks were also made of high temperature resistant flame retardant rubber on the outside, and the inside was Full metal skeleton.

At the console, the voices of surrounding people are heard through the speaker. "It can listen to the information on the fire site, such as someone calling for help, collapse." On the display screen, the real-time transmission picture can make the outside The operator can see the picture of the fire scene clearly. Firefighters said, "connected to the antenna, it can return first-hand information more than 200 meters away." The high-definition camera of the robot is a pair of clairvoyances. It can also be elevated to see farther as required by the commander.

It can also climb slopes, fire cannons can reach 50 meters

This Robot weighs 1 ton and can move fast or slow, and can be adjusted according to demand. "It can climb over obstacles and can climb at high angles." Firefighters said that it can climb over fifty to sixty degrees.
If you think this robot is just a "Scout", it is wrong. The hose system on it can complete the supply of double hoses, and drag two 60-meter-long hoses to walk. "The fire monitor in front can extinguish the fire at the scene of the fire, and the range can reach 50 meters." According to the firefighters, the outside team can remotely control the fire cannon's rotation, pitch, and automatic firing, and can switch between water spray and foam.
After completing the fire extinguishing task, the hose can fall off automatically, and then easily return to the starting point. According to firefighters from Chengdu Fire, after charging this machine, it can last for three or four hours. During the process of going to the rescue site, it can also sound an alarm and charge forward.

3 Fire fighting Robots lead

Put out the fire of "dangerous chemicals warehouse" in 5 minutes !

"Peng", accompanied by a loud noise, an explosion of a" dangerous chemical warehouse "located at the junction of Guanggu Third Road and Qunying Road in East Lake High-tech Zone. A fire siren sounded, and more than a thousand community leaders, college students, and enterprise employees Hundred meters away staring nervously at the fire scene, there are three "small tanks" showing great power.

Leading the battle are two fire-fighting robots and a reconnaissance robot dispatched by fire officers and soldiers remotely. At this point, the "dangerous chemicals warehouse" had ignited a flame several meters high and the smoke was permeating. I saw that the reconnaissance robot rushed quickly and steadily to a few meters away from the fire, and the "head" probe carefully inspected the fire. The other two fire-fighting robots "lifted" a water gun dozens of meters away and blasted a plume of water at the flame. With the cooperation of high spray fire truck, heavy foam water tank fire truck and other vehicles, the "fire" was extinguished within 5 minutes.

According to fire officers and men, the detection robot can be used for fire accident detection in various fields, especially for explosive environments such as petrochemicals and gas, which can effectively improve rescue safety and reduce casualties. The fire extinguisher robot also has a stunt-the water column can spray up to 80 meters, and the track can withstand high temperatures. Because it is a full metal skeleton, the track rubber can be advanced even if it is burned. In addition, it is equipped with an independent suspension shock absorption system, which has a strong ability to climb obstacles.

The location of the "Dangerous Chemicals Warehouse" is the Optical Valley Special Service Fire Station which was unveiled that day. The 52-meter cloud ladder, thermal imager, life detector, amphibious off-road vehicle, rescue drone ... Here, the new high-precision fire fighting equipment and equipment that have been put into use have made the public eye-catching.

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