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  • N95 Face Mask Testing Equipment Meltblown Fabric test machine

    N95 Face Mask Testing Equipment Meltblown Fabric test machine

    Product Features 1. The cold generation aerosol generator is used to generate continuous and stable aerosol particles, and the filling of the aerosol is simple and convenient. 2. Use two sets of high-precision aerosol particle detection sensors to measure the upper and lower chambers simultaneously. 3. Configure the salt particulate aerosol generator. 4. Equipped with aerosol particulate static neutralization device. 5. Configure high-precision digital gas flow sensor to accurately measure gas flow. 6. Configure industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensors to accurately measure the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. (Test condition: 25 ± 5 ℃ 30 ±10% RH) 7. 10 inch touch screen, the operation is simple and clear. 8. Pneumatic fixture, easy to change samples. 9. Pumping and exhausting integrated silent vacuum pump, no external air source needed. 10. High-precision pressure gauge and flow regulating valve can adjust aerosol concentration. 11. Micro printer can print detection data. 12. Intelligent configuration such as leakage protection, overload protection, power-off preservation, etc., effectively protect the safety of use. 13. Special test software can be connected to the computer.

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