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Drones give birth to a new posture of "empty box travel"


The domestic 5A-level scenic spot, Shenzhen Window of the World, and Meituan UAV cooperated to officially launch the first domestic scenic route. It is reported that the new route starts from Yitian Holiday Plaza, a shopping center about 1 km outside the scenic spot, and can deliver all kinds of online celebrity restaurants, wet wipes, sweat wipes, anti-mosquito stickers, etc. Goods will be delivered to Window of the World. In the future, the scenic spot will also use drones to deliver more high-quality goods to help tourists reduce the burden on their backpacks, so that everyone can have a "what you think is what you get" experience without leaving the park.

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"Low-altitude economy" reduces the burden on backpacks
The drone can be sent to the landmarks in 5 minutes at the fastest
"The biggest obstacle for my family to travel with the baby is unclear toys, milk powder bottles, diapers, wet wipes, sweat towels... Every time I go out, I need to bring several bags, and I'm tired and sweaty before I go far. And there are often omissions.” At Window of the World, when the reporter met Ms. Qin, who was taking her family on a trip, she had just ordered an Internet celebrity milk tea set meal for the whole family through the Meituan drone, and only waited for 5 minutes. In about a minute, the drone will deliver the milk tea to your hand.
What surprised her even more was that, in addition to Internet celebrity restaurants, drones can also be used to purchase maternal and child products in the scenic area. "In this way, even if you forget to bring wet wipes and milk powder, you can order takeaway to deliver it, which will be much more convenient."
The reporter learned on the spot that Naixue’s tea store, which is responsible for making milk tea, is about 20 minutes’ walk away from the landing point of the drone, and the delivery service in the past could not reach the inside of the scenic spot. Even if tourists want to order takeaway, they have to walk for more than 10 minutes Picking up the goods at the entrance of the scenic spot is fast and convenient, which has become the biggest selling point of drone delivery in the scenic spot.
"In fact, we and Window of the World had landed a temporary route here in a flash mob last October. This cooperation is an upgrade on the basis of the previous cooperation. Not only is the delivery time faster, but the product selection is better. Consumers who visit Window of the World in the future can enjoy the drone delivery service.” According to the person in charge of Meituan’s drones, the first batch of merchants connected to the new route includes Nayuki’s Well-known brands such as Tea, Genki Sushi, and BABYCARE enable consumers to not only buy various gourmet drinks in the scenic area, but also "call" the drone to deliver them when they forget to bring necessities such as wet wipes and sweat wipes. to hand, and the wait time is only a few minutes.
"The addition of the supply of maternal and child products this time is mainly because we have seen an increasingly strong demand in the market." The above-mentioned person in charge revealed to reporters that with the improvement of take-out services in recent years, people's dependence on this service has increased. With each passing day, in addition to being essential at home, many consumers will buy necessities such as maternal and child products, toiletries, mobile phone data cables, etc. through takeout near hotels, scenic spots and other destinations, even when they are away from home. The takeaway staff ran errands to keep warm and change clothes for them.
Dispatching RobotMore than 30% of mother and baby takeaways are sent outdoors
Commercial upgrading promotes the integration of leisure vacations and local life
The rise of takeaway in scenic spots has freed travel consumption from "carrying ahead". According to data from Meituan, the number of takeaway orders sent to campsites in scenic spots during the National Day holiday last year increased by more than double digits year-on-year; Rods, etc. became the highest-selling commodity.
In addition, new parents, represented by the "post-90s", are very interested in "empty box travel", and more than 30% of mother and baby takeaway orders such as wet wipes, milk powder, and sweat towels will be sent to outdoor scenes such as scenic spots .
Wu Ruoshan, a special researcher at the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said a few days ago that with the upgrading of various commercial formats, people's travel flexibility and desire to explore are becoming stronger and stronger, and leisure vacations and local life needs are moving towards integration.
In the opinion of experts, in the long run, it will gradually become a new trend of travel consumption for consumers to tap the rich supply of local platforms to obtain a more diversified life experience, and the new experience will also effectively help accelerate the growth of the tourism industry.
In order to better serve consumers, the UAV team of Meituan is not only continuing to expand in new scenarios, but also constantly enriching its own service content. As of the end of December 2022, Meituan drones have landed in Shenzhen and Shanghai, covering 18 communities and office buildings, serving nearly 20,000 households, and delivering more than 20,000 types of goods, covering catering, cosmetics, FMCG, supermarkets, electronic products and other types.
Dispatching RobotIn addition, during the two years of normal trial operation, its team has completed more than 120,000 delivery tasks, of which more than 100,000 orders will be completed in 2022, a year-on-year increase of more than 400%. In terms of delivery efficiency, the average delivery time of drones is about 12. Compared with the average delivery time of nearly 30 minutes in the traditional mode, the efficiency has increased by nearly 150%, saving users nearly 30,000 hours of waiting time.
At the beginning of this year, the urban low-altitude logistics solution of Meituan drones also passed the examination and approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and obtained the "Approval Letter for Trial Operation of Specific Types of UAVs" and "General Aviation Enterprise Business License" issued by the department. The result of the review means that Meituan drones have the qualifications to become a general aviation company in the field of cargo, and can start commercial operations and other work. "In the future, we hope to cooperate with more new brands and new scenarios, so that everyone can truly experience the higher-quality consumer experience brought by technology." The person in charge of Meituan drones said.


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