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Automatic Transformers-Optimus Prime is coming! Made in China

Believe that brothers have seen the Optimus Prime that can automatically transform in the past two days, right? In fact, I have been following this product myself for a long time. If it goes well, I can get it next week. I will make a video to share with my brothers as soon as possible.

Now let's take a brief look at the official graphic solution!

Automatic Transformers-Optimus Prime

This automatically deformable Optimus Prime is produced by our domestic manufacturer and has been authorized by Hasbro. Even the TT agency has also participated in joint research and development. It is said that it has been brewing for nearly 10 years. It is definitely a model in every sense. Super heavy product.
Optimus Prime robot
Brothers should all know that Hasbro has always only authorized the shape but not the deformation. This auto-transforming Optimus Prime is the first company in the world to be authorized by Hasbro to be a transformer. what!

The total height of this Optimus Prime is nearly 50 cm. I can’t say how beautiful the overall shape is, but I am personally satisfied with the appearance of such appearance while taking into account the automatic deformation, and I can see the MP10 in some parts. Shadow, so the public acceptance is still relatively high!

Optimus Prime robot

The product has sound and light effects, and also invited Optimus Prime’s queen dubbing father Peter Cullen to personally voice Optimus Prime, the effect is very good!

Optimus Prime robot

The entire internal structure of Optimus Prime has a lot of parts.

Optimus Prime

Transformers-Optimus Prime In terms of vehicles, the front of the car is square and has a relatively high degree of completion, but the entire footboard at the rear of the car is a bit obtrusive. But again, we can’t demand so much for self-transforming toys. This kind of cross-generation product is just the beginning. The road to development in the future is still quite long. I believe it will get better and better!

Optimus Prime In terms of playing points, this product is not much more interesting, and it is quite interesting. The form of the vehicle can be used as a large remote control car to play.

Automatic Transformers-Optimus Prime

Connecting to a special mobile phone APP can also give Optimus Prime various instructions, such as let him fight, let him do push-ups, let him walk, let him swing punches, etc., and even make up his own movements.

Automatic Transformers-Optimus Prime In short, my expectations for this Optimus Prime are very, very high! In the past two days, this product has become popular all over the world as expected. This time Hasbro has also spared no effort to participate in the promotion. To promote this product made by our Chinese manufacturer to the world, I am very proud to think about it. !

Automatic TransformersThis product will be released in August 2021, but the product pricing is not very close to the people. The price is 699 US dollars.

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